Shooting star streaks across night sky

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- Social media is abuzz with people who saw a shooting star Thursday night.

One News 10 viewer emailed us saying she pulled off of Interstate 94 in Chelsea after she saw it at around 7:45 p.m.

"In front of me in the sky something huge came down it was white and it followed a streak down to the mid sky," Patricia Williams said in the email. "I’ve seen a shooting star before. This wasn’t like what I’ve seen. This tonight was huge and right in front of us. Really close. It had to be in our atmosphere."

Williams went on to say four people at a gas station where she parked also saw it.

"People ahead of me on the freeway were actually braking," she said in the email.

We also asked people on Twitter if they'd seen it.

"Definitely. It was huge and green," said Twitter user @jwillbaker.

You can see other tweets about it below this story.

Did anyone see a big green ball fall from the sky, near Belleville Rd and I-94, around 7:39pm tonight? from r/Michigan