Shiawassee County releases 911 calls from Latunski's home

Published: Jan. 24, 2020 at 2:52 PM EST
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Shiawassee County Dispatch released 911 calls from a man who escaped Mark Latunski's Bennington Township home, a house that is now in foreclosure and could soon go up for auction.

Caller: "I want you to know, like I've never ever had anything like this happen. I don't know if he drugged me. All is know is I ended up locked up in the (expletive) basement, Okay? Chained in the basement."

This call is from a man visiting Michigan from New York on October 10, 2019.

The caller told dispatchers he met Latunski at the Flint bus station.

"I met this guy. I'm Bi. He's cute. He hit on me. I don't know, we went out to the car and talked. We went to the store, had a soda. I woke up in the basement," the caller said.

The man said he used a butcher knife to cut off the leather strap on his ankles, which was connected to a metal chain.

Once he got free, he ran from the home and didn’t let go of the knife until police arrived.

"I don't trust that he's not walking up because I got lost and I don't know if I'm headed towards his house or not. That's why I'm dialing 911."

The man told police he didn’t want to press charges and he just wanted to go home.

"I'm just really happy to see you," he said to police.

Michigan State Police said the man told them it was not a kidnapping situation.

According to records, the man reached out to Latunski again and returned to the same home that evening.

There was another similar incident in November in which a 29-year-old man ran from his home wearing a leather kilt.

He also told police he was chained up in the basement trying to get away but didn’t want to press charges.

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