Teen accidentally killed when LA County sheriff deputies fire at pit bull

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PALMDALE, Calif. (WILX)- A 17-year old boy trying to help keep an aggressive dog from biting a group of Sheriff Deputies in California, is mistakenly killed by deputies.

The boy died Thursday at a hospital in Los Angeles County turning what began as an early-morning noise complaint into a freak tragedy.

Authorities say Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies responded to an apartment complex Thursday morning at 3:47 a.m. for a noise complaint. There were reports of loud music at a party.

Deputies say as they were walking around, a pit bull charged them, biting one deputy on his left knee. Family members for 17-year old Armando Garcia say he restrained the dog, but the animal got loose and again charged the deputies. Officials say two deputies shot at the dog and it ran into the back of the home. Deputies followed and found Garcia on the ground. He had been shot in the chest. Officials say one of the bullets bounced off the concrete hitting the boy. His aunt says he was killed for a dog that wasn't even his.

Deputies immediately rendered medical support to the boy before paramedics arrived. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. The pit bull survived the shooting but was euthanized. The deputy who was bitten by the dog was treated at a hospital and released. The sheriff's office is calling the shooting of Garcia, an "extremely unfortunate accident".

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