Sharknapper confesses; shark now back in the tank

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TEXAS (WILX) -- Her's an update on the bizarre story out of Texas where a shark was snatched from an aquarium over the weekend.

The shark is alive and is back home swimming in familiar water.

Investigators say at least two people have confessed to the shark-napping.

A surveillance camera shows two men and a woman sneaking the two-to-three foot shark from a Leon Valley aquarium in a baby stroller.

One person is in custody.

Investigators found a mock aquarium at one of the suspect's homes.

"He had a lot of different marine animals in the home, very much knew what he was doing. Kept that animal alive and was able to continue to see the animal thrive which was pretty shocking to all of us. So luckily the thief was a somebody who knew what he was doing."

Police say one of the suspects posted pictures of the shark on social media in hopes of selling it.

Two other people are expected to face charges.