Sentencing brings relief to survivors

Published: Jan. 24, 2018 at 6:51 PM EST
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For the woman whose testimony led to the charges against Nassar, today's sentencing brings relief.

Kyle Stephens was a family friend of Nassar's and just six-years-old when he started abusing her. She was the first person to give an impact statement during this hearing. A statement that included some pretty powerful words.

Stephens is one of several people we spoke to after today's sentencing.

Stephens was very emotional after Nassar's sentencing. She said that she is relieved that her monster is gone and that she can now take some of the guilt off of her shoulders for not coming forward sooner.

We learned last week that Stephens' father killed himself after becoming racked with guilt for not believing his daughter when she first told her parents about the abuse.

News 10 asked her today what she thinks her father would say knowing nassar is now behind bars.

"I think he would just be crying cause he would be proud. He'd be proud that I had the strength to do this. He would be proud...he would be proud of the person I have become," said Stephens.