Sending kids to school with healthy lunches

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - For parents, sending kids back to school means its time to pack lunches again.

When packing lunches, parents should keep in mind certain food groups that will keep their children fuller, longer.

"Protein gives you a lot of energy. It will last and give you some satisfaction so you're not hungry so quickly, carbohydrates as well. If you want to use whole grain bread, or crackers, fruit and then dairy of course if you want to pack yogurt that's a good choice as well", said Joyce McGarry a Nutrition and Food Safety Educator.

For parents of picky eaters, taking them to the store to have a say in what they want can help.

"I think that gives them some ownership of choices that they would like. It's so you guarantee they're going to eat it. That's the whole goal is you want them to eat the lunch you're packing", McGarry said.

It's also important to make sure that food is stored safely to prevent food borne illnesses.

"If it comes from the refrigerator such as cut up fruits and vegetables, any type of meat sandwiches, cheeses all need to be kept cold", McGarry said.

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