Seeing double: Two sets of twins prepare to tie the knot

Published: Jul. 29, 2018 at 6:21 PM EDT
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The odds of having identical twins is 1 in 250. So what are the odds of twins marrying another set of twins? That could be one in a million.

Two sets of twins doing just that say that everything happens for a reason, and love how perfectly everything worked out.

"I'm in disbelief sometimes of just how everything happened," Nick Lewan said.

Nick Lewan and Kassie Bevier met in class when they were attending Grand Valley in 2014. They credit an icebreaker question to finding one another.

"We were in a psych class and you know how psychology loves twin studies, and so the professor was like, 'Hey are there any twins in the room? Raise your hand if you are a twin,' and we both raised our hands. And he turned around and saw, and that was it," Kassie Bevier said.

Soon after, Nick told his twin brother Zack, to look up Kassie's sister, Krissie on Facebook. And so those two started exchanging messages.

"I just saw his name and I was like 'Kassie, is his brother's name Zack?' And she said yes and I was just like 'oh my gosh, he's talking to me!" Krissie said.

The four went on their first date together to church, which is something they say is very important to them and their upcoming marriages.

Fast-forward to last February, they became engaged at the same time on a trip to the Henry Ford Museum.

"It basically happened at the same time....which is par for the course for us. We do things in twos," Kassie Bevier said.

Despite the fact that they do so much together, they say they wanted to have their weddings on different days because they are still different.

"We're individuals. We are all individuals. We work differently and we have different interests, and just respect each other for those differences," Zack Lewan said.

The four say that despite how crazy it may seem to some people, they wouldn't have it any other way.

"It all worked out. It did. And now we're here and it's just normal. We just flow together and it makes sense. There is a special twin bond, and having someone who understands that is huge."

Krissie and Zack get married this Friday while Kassie and Nick tie the knot on Saturday. They will then have a joint wedding reception on Saturday night.