Security guard fired after repeating slur used against him

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CNN, (WILX) - An African-American security guard in Wisconsin says he was fired for repeating a racial slur that was used against him by a student while he was telling the student not to say it.

Now students and staff from the high school where he worked are pushing for his return.

Students organized a walk out for Marlon Anderson.

Some of them also sat down with the school's superintendent to talk about bringing Anderson back.

"They have brought to our attention things that we had not thought about," said Superintendent Jane Belmore.

"He did say that he would be willing to return to the school for all y'all. He loves y'all," said Noah Anderson, Marlon Anderson's son.

Anderson says it's the school's zero tolerance policy for staff using the word that got him fired.

He wants the district to review that policy.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Dane County has hired Anderson as a security guard until his appeal is finalized by Madison Metropolitan School District.

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