Search committee chosen for new Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter director

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INGHAM COUNTY, Mich. (WILX) - A new search committee has been appointed for a new director at the Ingham Co. Animal Control & Shelter (ICACS). The members were announced at an Ingham Co. Board of Commissioners meeting on August 28, 2018.

The animal control director search committee will consist of the Ingham Co. Board of Commissioners, ICACS animal control officers, and animal care specialists.

Bryan Crenshaw-Chair
Deb Nolan
Robin Naeyaert
Randy Maiville

Jaclyn Flynn-Animal Care Staff
Sarah Schertel-Office Staff
Caitlin Budzinski- Animal Control Officer
Dr. Marie Hopfensperger-ICACS Advisory Committee
Brenda Sayles-volunteer
Lorna Elliott-Egan-Former ICACS Advisory Committee Chair
Patricia Whitener-Shelter Fund

On July 31st the Ingham Co. Board of Commissioners voted to terminate the former director John Dinon. Hours before that decision was made the former deputy director Anne Burns turned in her retirement letter.

Sergeant Andy Daenzer, with the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, was appointed the acting director at the shelter. Longtime employee, Kate Turner serves as acting deputy director as well as her previous duties as the community service and outreach manager.

Commissioner Bryan Crenshaw said their "goal is to have interviewed the second week of September if we have enough applicants to consider a new director. We do have a deadline of October 1 that Sgt. Daenzer needs to return to his position at the Sheriff's Office. If there isn't a new director hired by that date, we will have to look at naming another interim director until we can hire the new director."

We will let you know of any updates.