Schor Announces Restructuring of Key Positions

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - Mayor Andy Schor announced Friday updates and changes of key City of Lansing positions
within his office and cabinet.

The Mayor believes the changes, along with increasing efficiencies and creating new local and national opportunities, will more accurately reflect the work already being done by his administration.

“I am excited about our team and the work we’re doing to serve Lansing,” said Mayor Schor. “I’ve been in office for a year and a half, and I am updating these roles to better align with the work they’re already doing to support our City. Lansing’s time is now and we must all work together as a team to continue to move Lansing forward both reactively and proactively.”

The restructuring includes:

Samantha Harkins, Mayor Schor’s Chief of Staff, will be appointed Deputy Mayor.

In this role the Mayor's Office says, Harkins will have a stronger focus on proactive localized initiatives, including nurturing local partnerships and projects, legislative work and strategic economic and community development projects, as well as continue her duties as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor under the City Charter.

Nicholas Tate, the Chief Labor Negotiator, will now also serve as Chief Administrative Officer.

Tate will continue his duties as the Chief Labor Negotiator, and will now also have an increased role in resolving day-to-day problems, including finance, labor, human resources, and other issues that arise within city government and throughout the City of Lansing.

Andrea Crawford, Director of the Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement, will also be the City of Lansing Chief Innovation Officer.

Crawford will continue her work directing city efforts on behalf of neighborhoods and will work with the new Neighborhoods Resource Coordinator, as well as the Office of Financial Empowerment to assist residents.

She will be the lead on a number of local initiatives with national entities such as What Works Cities, Bloomberg Philanthropies, GovEx, and others are providing funding and resources to assist the city’s efforts to use data to improve performance and results for residents.

Additionally, Crawford will be the City of Lansing's lead for the upcoming 2020 Census.

This will include working with partners throughout the city and being the City of Lansing’s point person on Governor Whitmer’s recently announced Complete Count Committee.

Mayor Schor will also appoint a Chief Restructuring/Strategy Officer (CRO) to his team, as was proposed by the Lansing Financial Health Team, and created by the Lansing City Council with the support of the City of Lansing unions.

The CRO will look at the internal workings of the City of Lansing government to see where there can be efficiencies, and will examine the significant City of Lansing legacy costs which comprise about 1/4 of the city's budget.

The position will be tasked to offer solutions and recommendations that will result in using limited city dollars toward needed services.

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