School rallies behind classmate who was hit by car

Published: Dec. 10, 2018 at 4:02 PM EST
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A local school is rallying behind a student after he was hit by a car Sunday night.

It happened while he was crossing Hawley Road to get to a neighbor's house.

North Aurelius Elementary School sent a letter to parents to tell them about the accident involving Brenden Scott. The principal says helping students cope is vital in times like this.

"This was a tragic event in our community and it was shocking to the kids. A lot of them had heard about it already through social media, so it was important for them when they came to school to have a way to talk about their feelings."

North Aurelius Elementary School had social workers and staff members ready to help Scott's classmates Monday morning. Principal Mike Prelesnik says the kids wanted to help too, so they're making cards for their injured friend.

"And we have a teacher that is going to deliver them to the hospital. We've just received a lot of well-wishes for the family," he said.

Teachers read a statement to students to let them know about the accident. Some classes talked about it to help students better understand what was going on and to help them cope.

"They can support each other as well as support the family and that's a critical piece whenever you have such a terrible event happen in the community," Prelesnik added.

The principal hopes to see Scott roaming the halls of North Aurelius again soon.

"He's a people person and knows a lot of students in the building and a lot of students are his friend and know of him, and he's very well-liked at the school. So, we're definitely rooting for him and hoping for a quick recovery," Prelesnik said.

Brenden was listed in critical condition at last check. Police are still investigating the crash. They say the 53-year-old man driving the car was not drinking.

Eden Church of Mason is raising money to help the family. Donations can be made at the church or through this website: