Saginaw charter school moving to a 4-day school week

Published: Aug. 1, 2019 at 4:46 AM EDT
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Starting this school year the Learn to Earn Charter Academy in Saginaw County will hold classes Monday through Thursday, but not all students are off the hook on Friday.

Students that have attendance issues, need extra tutoring, or have uncompleted make up work will have to go into school on Fridays.

Students that go in on Friday's will only be there for half of the day.

The superintendent says there has been an increase in students struggling academically.

Superintendent Heidi Ferguson said, "We were noticing a trend with more suspensions and students that were struggling academically, and it's really hard to provide the social and behavioral support during the school day or the academic supports during the school day."

Students can still go to class on Friday to get help from teachers.

Teachers say they'll benefit from the four-day week.

Twice a month teachers will do professional development on Fridays.

This will allow the teachers to come up with solutions geared towards each student academically and behaviorally.

This new schedule will begin this school year.

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