SPECIAL REPORT: How to teach students the way to react when pulled over

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Students are already signing up for this summer's driver education courses, and there's one lesson that isn't necessarily going to be taught while some feel it should be...

It's how you should act when you get pulled over by the police.

Jason Redoutey, a Drivers Ed Instructor in the Lansing area said,
"It starts with..If you don't want to get pulled over..Drive legal...If you don't want to get pulled over just follow the law..It's really simple just follow the law"

Daisy Manzer is a female teen driver. She told News 10's Chelsea Snyder that she would get nervous if pulled over.
"I mean yeah I feel like I would get a little nervous..Like having them come up to me and stuff just cause all of the stuff in the media."

Thomas Brannon is a black teen driver. He told News 10 that he doesn't make any sudden movements in the car due to his race.
"Just like a lot of stuff goes on..for African-Americans especially. I just get nervous in general so I don't make any sudden movements."

When police are approaching, make sure they can see your hands, put them in clear view on the steering wheel.

"Its a normal reaction for people to get nervous," said Sgt. Josh Treat of the Ingham Co. Sheriff's Office. "We deal with people on a regular basis and people's interactions - they do get nervous."

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