Ryan Lochte, 3 Olympic teammates robbed at gunpoint

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RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -- In the latest security incident to hit South America's first Olympic Games, Ryan Lochte and three other American swimmers were robbed at gunpoint early Sunday. The thieves posed as police officers who pulled over their taxi and took cash and credit cards.

Nobody was hurt, but Lochte told NBA's "Today" show that one of the robbers put a cocked gun to his head and ordered him to get on the ground.

"I couldn't believe it," said Michael Phelps, a good friend of Lochte's and one of his roommates in the athletes village.

Phelps spent the evening with his family and wasn't out with his teammates.

Street crime is among the litany of problems the Olympics has struggled with.

Brazil deployed 85,000 soldiers and police to secure the games. But last week, a Brazilian security officer was fatally shot after taking a wrong turn into a slum, two Australian rowing coaches were attacked and robbed in Ipanema, and Portugal's education minister was held up at knife point on a busy street.

In addition, stray bullets have twice landed in the equestrian venue. Two windows were shattered on a bus carrying journalists in an attack that local organizers blamed on rocks. Others claimed it was gunfire.

Among many other embarrassments are empty seats, long lines and green water in some of the Olympic pools.

Synchronized swimmers were greeted Sunday by clear blue water in the pool after officials worked through the night to replace the murky green water that prompted competitors to dub it "The Swamp."

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