Royal Caribbean, Ikea banning plastic items

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NBC News (NBC) - The global push to reduce the demand for single-use plastic is getting a boost.

Royal Caribbean plans to eliminate plastic straws by the end of this year.

All 50 ships in Royal Caribbean's fleet will begin giving guests sailing on the cruise line paper straws instead of plastic ones with their beverages.

They'll also see wooden coffee stirrers and bamboo garnish picks, rather than plastic ones.

The move coincides with World Oceans Day.

Royal Caribbean says it will also look at doing away with plastic condiment packs, cups and bags as part of its push to reduce single use plastic.

Ikea is also making a move toward banning all such products in its stores by 2020.

The giant furniture retailer says it will stop selling plastic straws, cups, plates, freezer bags, garbage bags and plastic coated items.

Ikea's restaurants will also stop giving out plastic utensils and containers.