Robotics students learn TV technology

LANSING, Mich. (WILX)-- On the surface, television and robotics may not appear to have much in common. But both really do incorporate a lot of electronic commands, programming, wiring and new technology. Students of various grade levels took time out of their summer vacations to learn the newest technology behind television journalism, thanks to a special master class put together by News 10's Lora Painter and Waverly High School science teacher Jeff Parks.

Connor Lee, a sophomore said, "I started taking photos, like, when I take trips. I kept doing it and it just kind of stuck. I was surprised but how many features there were on one camera."

Waverly's robotics team has a few students dedicated to photographing and filming their robotics activities as they prepare and create their robot for a global competition held every year. They said they hope to incorporate the newly used television technology in their upcoming robotics competition. During this special one-day lesson, the high schoolers learned the different parts of a professional camcorder, microphones, and some fundamentals of video editing a news story before it goes to air.

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