Road commissions prepare for Saturday's heavy snow fall

EATON COUNTY, MI (WILX) - County road officials are also keeping an eye on the forecast, as they plan their attack for keeping the roads clear.

Experts are saying Saturday's heavy snow can create slushy and icy roads for drivers.

Eaton County Road Commission says they will be taking advantage of the "warmer" overnight temps by salting roads overnight and into Saturday morning.

They plan to add more trucks as snowfall increases to keep the roads clear.

But the road commission is also keeping an eye on temperatures as freezing temperatures could have an impact on the salt on the roads.

"Right away in the morning we are going to be able to salt and it's going to be very effective with that, but it's kind of a race because temperatures are dropping throughout the day into the evening," said Blair E. Ballou the Engineer-Manager for the Eaton County Road Commission. "When it gets down to below 20 or around that, then salt is going to be much less effective tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night."

The road commission says they will continue to monitor roads but are also warning drivers to use caution as the salt on the road doesn't guarantee and ice-free surface.

Give yourself plenty of time if you do plan on going out tomorrow and allow space between you and the car in front of you.

It's also important to make sure your car is stocked with emergency supplies in case you do get stuck.

Good items to keep in your car include flashlights, a blanket, a first aid kit, and jumper cables.

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