Rives Township residents pleased Master Plan will undergo further review

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RIVES TOWNSHIP, (Mich). -- The Rives Township Board is sending the Master Plan, which shows the township's future-land use map, back to the Rives Township Planning Commission with recommendations.

The Board on Thursday night felt more time was needed and for some of the recommendations from residents that were ignored by the Planning Commission be added to the plan.

Neighbors who spoke out at Monday night's meeting were pleased with the Boards decision of the motion.

The Planning Commission voted Monday night to send the Master Plan "as-is", without any more community requested changes, to the Rives Township Board for approval.

Earlier this year, the Rives Township Planning Commission and Board adjusted the town's new Master Plan draft to include industrial zoning on the exact site where a proposed Novi Energy Cornerstone natural gas power plant would be built.

The plant would be located on about 200 acres between Churchill and Baseline Rd., bordering Rives and Leslie Township.

Neighbors around the area of the proposed site were very outspoken against the project. As a result, the future land-use map was updated, with the industrial zoning removed from Baseline and Churchill Road.

But residents who want to keep Rives Township rural said the fight isn't over, and they want several recommendations be added to the plan.

In the new plan, residents want the following:

- Light industrial land uses to adhere to the overall rural character of the community
- Light industrial development in areas where light industrial activities will not result in incompatibilities with adjustment land uses that results in adverse environmental impacts or conditions
- Light industrial development in areas to be properly zoned for the use in having or expected to have facilities and service to support each use.

The commission can consider changes to the plan, though not all recommendations need to met for the plan to be sent back to the Board for adoption. The next Planning Commission meeting will be held on Jan. 7th at 6:30 PM at the Township offices.

After the new Master Plan is adopted, the Board and Planning Commission will begin working on the ordinances.