Restaurant manager pays it forward by paying for team's bill

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Chattanooga, TN (WILX) -- Just three months after a tragedy, a track team gets a warm welcome at an area restaurant...

Back in January, a student opened fire at Marshal County High School in Kentucky.

Two were killed and dozens were injured, including two track teammates.

Recently, the track team was dining at an Olive Garden in Chattanooga when the restaurant's manager recognized the school name.

The manager wanted to pay it forward, and that's what he did!

He told the team their $800 bill was on the house!

Senior Audrey Grizzard said, "We're just grateful that there's people out there that still care. And that there's good-hearted people who can do nice things"

The track coach and team members say they are extremely grateful for the acts of kindness and generosity that many have shown them since that day.