Resident taking on Lansing parking ordinance with fake tickets

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Ediee Barnes has spent their whole week going door to door in the Lansing community handing out fake tickets and asking neighbors to join in protest of the city's new overnight parking law.

Ediee Barnes' Fake ticket placed on the News 10 car.

"Might I ask if you find yourself parking on the street," Barnes asked one resident as they answered their door.

The law goes into effect on March 1 and would make it legal to park on the street from 2 a.m. until 5 p.m. as long as residents buy a $125 permit. That pays for one pass per household.

Barnes believes the law unfairly targets low-income drivers and families.

"What upsets me most about this is that it leaves a lot of people with very few options. If you are a student living among other students, if you are a large family that requires multiple vehicles that works at different times, different places, or if you simply live in a lower-income district, you have very little access to parking," said Barnes.

People like Evelyn Conklin who lives with eight roommates and has a driveway that only fits four cars.

"I don't have the money personally to pay for this every year and not even me personally, but there's just so many families that aren't going to be able to pay for this. They are going to choose between paying for this, or being able to pay for rent, or provide food for their kids," said Conklin.

News 10 asked Lansing Mayor Andy Schor about the price. He said the price for permits, designated by the city council, all goes to pay for enforcement so that people can legally park on the streets overnight.

"If you look at it week by week it's affordable. People will say they can't afford it and we have heard that but the answer is right now they're not allowed to park on the street and a ticket right now is going to cost them more than that so we're giving them an avenue to legally park on the street where before they haven't been able to," said Schor.

Lansing City Council Member Brandon Betz said he thinks the ordinance is unfair. He's working on changes to the ordinance but hasn't said when he'll release his proposal.

Mayor Schor says on-street parking is something residents have requested for years. The matter will now be up to the council.

Residents have to apply for passes. Temporary permits are available for $10 per night. Up to two will be allowed at a time per household.

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