Protesters were kicked out of the State Capitol Wednesday

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- A small group of protesters were removed from the Capitol Wednesday morning.

Our News 10 crew at the Capitol said a small group of three protesters came inside of the House Gallery and were asked to leave.

Our crew at the scene said a woman began yelling after being asked to leave.

In a video provided by Michigan Independent Source of News and Information, you can see two protesters being removed.

A report from MIRS said the three protesters were part of a group called Michigan United for Liberty.

MIRS said the three protestors were asked to leave by House sergeants due to new restrictions which limit the general public's ability to view the session in person.

MIRS said Michelle Gregorie, Wendy Darling and Audra Johnson were told to leave the Capitol at 10:30 a.m., however the three walked past the sergeants and sat in the south part of the House Gallery.

"We are allowed to be here. You are breaking the law, sir. You are breaking the law," one of the protesters said to the sergeants, according to MIRS.

MIRS said the woman said she had a press pass.

"Call the police. Get 'em up there. Arrest us," the woman said, according to MIRS.

MIRS said once the three people were removed, the doors of the gallery were locked until session began.

Gregorie told MIRS the group was formed this month to fight against the governor's restrictions, saying they were at the Capitol to "record our representatives and see what they're doing."

"I was literally thrown out of the door on my elbow," she told MIRS. "That's not right. It's a violation of the Open Meetings Act and my First Amendment Rights."

MIRS said Gregorie and Darling resisted and Darling was more aggressive, kicking and screaming as she was picked up off of the ground.

MIRS said Gregorie was dragged out of the gallery and Darling was put down and walked out of the gallery on her own.

Senator Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) made the following statement regarding the issues on Twitter:

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