UPDATE: Gov. Whitmer confirms construction will reopen in MI May 7

Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 10:40 AM EDT
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Governor Whitmer confirmed construction in the state of Michigan will reopen next week.

The governor said construction will reopen on May 7 in order to give companies time to adjust getting back to work.

On Monday in her press conference, the governor mentioned she may soon allow construction to reopen in the state, but a specific date was not given.

“I would anticipate in the coming days if our trajectory of hospitalizations continues to go down and our ability to test continues to go up that we will go into the next low-risk category,” she said. “That might include some construction, for instance. That might include some additional outdoor enterprises.”

Last week, the governor extended the stay-home extension until May 15, requiring Michigan residents to wear masks in enclosed public spaces like grocery stores.

The governor told News 10 she wants to remain cautious when it comes to beginning to reopen the state.

"We have to be really smart about what sectors we reengage, the lowest risks ones first, and the use of PPE, and all of the protocols that will mitigate that risk," Gov. Whitmer said. "By doing that is how you build confidence with the general public while keeping their health front and center and all of these protocols to keep them safe. If that's not done, opening up won't be a benefit to the economy if people don't have confidence they are going to be safe."

Although numbers are showing a decline in some areas of the state, the governor cautions opening back up too early could bring on a second wave of the virus this summer, which is something she says could have devastating results.

"There are different parts of our state that are concerning. For instance, the Saginaw/Bay City area is one where we are continuing to see cases increase. The problem is when it happens in a part of our state where there are not big metropolitan hospitals, that our hospitals are not equipped to handle a big outbreak. So we've gotta watch very closely," the governor said.

The governor will be holding a press conference at 3 p.m. Wednesday to provide an update on the state's response to COVID-19. Additionally, she will be holding a virtual town hall Thursday evening, which will be carried both on WILX.com and on News 10.

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