Female reporter sues WXYZ, says anchor sexually harassed her for years

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Reporter, Tara Edwards, is suing WXYZ. She says morning news anchor Malcom Maddox sexually harassed her for years.

Edwards says Maddox tried to kiss her, sent her explicit messages, and showed her pictures of his genitals, and sexual videos.

Edwards worked for WXYZ as a multi-media Journalist from around June 2011 to December 31, 2016. Maddox worked as a news anchor during that time. Edwards position required her to interact with Maddox almost daily, according to the complaint.

She also alleges that Maddox spread rumors about her, including telling co-workers that they were having an affair and that she was having his child.

The lawsuit accuses WXYZ of doing nothing to stop the harassment.

A link to the full complaint is available on the right side of this article. It lists multiple examples of the alleged sexual harassment.

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