Recovering addict shares his story

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(WILX) - Christopher Risner is a recovering opioid addict who has been clean for over 14 months.


He knows how easy it is to get caught up in addiction. His addiction started after a friend shared some Vicodin with him.

After getting two minor in possessions for alcohol, Risner says he started taking Vicodin at parties.

"It gave me a similar feeling and made me have some euphoria," said Risner.

Many people think they will never become addicts and Risner says he never thought he would become one. "If you told me when I was 16-years-old that I would be a heroin addict someday I would have laughed in your face."

Risner has been to rehab nine times. He says things like depression, and anxiety, make it difficult to stay clean.

Risner says doing things like speaking to students about his addiction helps him to stay clean.

"Sharing my story reminds me that things could always be worse and I could always fall back into addiction," said Risner.

He's also been revived with Narcan several times, including by his mother. "She had to actually inject with the needle full of Narcan to revive me."

He says his family's support has been helpful for staying clean. However, he says that parents have to understand that their child has to want to go to rehab for them to be successful.

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