Rare seiche hits Michigan

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MANISTEE, Mich. (WILX) -- Seiches are a rare weather event.

Driven by strong winds, a seiche is a displacement of water, usually in an enclosed body of water.

Think of it like this, giving the kids a bath and your toddler jumps from one side of the tub to the other, that causes the water to slosh back and forth.

That's very similar to what happened in Manistee.

We'll take you to the Manistee area in northern lower Michigan.
It's a unique set up with Manistee lake inland that flows into lake Michigan via the Manistee river.

This has a unique set up with the sharp turn in the river, the narrow channel that leads into lake michigan and there's also a brekwater and pier that narrow.

This setup along with a strong easterly wind caused the inland water to rush west and almost stack up, causing the seiche and by the way, one year ago tomorrow is the anniversary of the seiche that hit near Ludington.

These photos in the video were taken by Todd and Brad Reed photography shows what this normally looks like,

Then the seiche hitting, these photos in the video were taken just 9 minutes apart.

Showing the incredible power and force behind this phenomenon.