Ramp closed indefinitely due to green ooze

Michigan officials say an industrial site in suburban Detroit that leaked greenish chemicals onto a freeway will be considered for the federal Superfund program. (Source: WILX)
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MADISON HEIGHTS, MI. (WILX) -- A ramp to a major highway in Metro Detroit is closed indefinitely due to the ongoing investigation and clean up of green ooze that leaked onto the highway.

The eastbound I-696 ramp to Couzens Avenue in Madison Heights will remain closed.

The EPA is evaluating test results of water and soil samples taken from a nearby business after officials discovered suspicious liquids resembling the green ooze.

Test results from inside the building revealed high levels of Pfas.

There's been a growing concern about the effects high concentrations of those chemicals can have on human health.

Last week, Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow, along with Representatives Andy Levin and Paul Mitchell, said Michigan needs more assistance to remove toxic chemicals that are leaking from the condemned building.

Gray Sayers, 77, whose business Electro-Plating Services is responsible for the green ooze spill along I-696, is currently serving time in a federal prison for storing the hazardous materials.

The Environmental Protection Agency said a clean-up job was underway. Michigan lawmakers asked the EPA to also come up with long term solutions that will prevent the toxic waste from spreading.

EPA officials said they believe the substance is contaminated ground water following a cleanup at the nearby electroplating business.

“EPA’s mission is to protect human health and the environment, and ensuring Michiganders’ access to clean and safe air and water is our shared priority,” the combined lawmakers said in a statement. “Unfortunately, we in Michigan know too well the consequences of government inaction when it comes to protecting drinking water.”

In the area near the contamination site are surrounding homes, businesses, and community centers.

On Monday, Dec. 30, Governor Whitmer also said she would be taking action against the company and man responsible for the pollution.

The City of Madison Heights is taking Sayers to court. The city wants Sayers to demolish the condemned building that has been leaking the ooze onto the highway.

They said if Sayer doesn't comply they will do it themselves.