Rally for the addicted to learn more about ways to cope

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - A rally was held at the Capitol on Friday to unite the face of those affected by addiction.

Unite to Face Addiction event at the Capitol. (Source WILX)

The goal behind the rally, according to their web page, is to " eliminate stigma, highlight improved access to treatment, support prevention, and promote recovery from addiction through advocacy, education, and outreach."

It also brought together individuals and organizations from across the state to meet and connect.

"We've heard a lot about addiction thru the years and nobody seem to be talking about the possibility of recovery from addiction," said Carolyn Wood of Wellness VOX. "I have 10 years in April that I've been in recovery and I'm proud to say that and I don't care who knows because recovery is possible."

They offered yoga to participants of the rally, as well as alternative therapies and nutrition from on-site vendors.

Wood added, "(Addiction) does not matter who you are, how much money you have, it does not stipulate anything. It affects everybody."

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