REPORT: Students gather after racist remarks found outside dorm room

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MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. (WILX) -- The student newspaper of Central Michigan University is reporting on a rally that showed support for a student that was attacked on campus.

The CM-Life says that racist comments were written outside of the dorm room of Yasmeen Duncan, a sophomore at CMU, on Nov. 7.

Not even a day later, the NAACP organized a protest in her support.

Thursday night students gathered and lit candles outside Sweeney Hall to support Duncan.

“We (at the NAACP) saw a problem and knew we had to come up with a solution,” NAACP Student Government Association Representative Patrick Riley said. “Sadly, it had to come from this, but I think it’s important that moving forward we come together as a student body -- not as white CMU, black CMU or multicultural CMU -- we come together as a student body and we work toward making change.”

The rally began as a "peaceful protest" according to Black Student Union President Monet Robinson, as reported by the CM-Life.

About 200 people gathered to participate and put forth an idea of togetherness and change.

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