NEWS ALERT: Throw away any romaine lettuce

Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 6:34 AM EST
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There are new lettuce warnings out from the CDC and they are saying it's not safe to eat.

Laura Gieraltowski from the CDC Foodborne Outbreak Response Team told News 10, "If you have it in your home, go ahead and throw it away. If you go to the store to do some shopping, make sure you're not buying it."

She is referring to romaine lettuce.

The feds say you should not buy, serve, or eat romaine lettuce until further notice.

That's because the CDC is investigating yet another dangerous E. coli outbreak linked to it.

32 people in 11 states,including Michigan have gotten sick from eating contaminated lettuce.

13 people have been hospitalized.

The CDC says it doesn't know the source of the outbreak, but they do say this is not connected to the Yuma Arizona outbreak last spring.

The CDC is urging people to throw away any form of romaine lettuce they may have already bought, no matter if it's chopped or in part of a mixed bag.

And, wash and sanitize any drawers in your refrigerator where the lettuce may have been stored.

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