Push to make POW flag official US Symbol

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WASHINGTON DC (WILX) -- The Prisoner of War and Missing In Action flag may become more prominent in America.

In Washington D.C., lawmakers are exploring the idea of flying that flag year round and making it an official American symbol.

"There are 1589 Americans that are still unaccounted for or missing from the Vietnam War."

More than 40 years after the Vietnam War ended Anne Mills-Griffiths is continuing her mission to bring closure to the families of those service members who were never found.

She leads the National League of POW-MIA Families, the group created that flag in 1972.

Griffiths said, "Our objective then was to improve the treatment of POWs."

The POW-MIA flag flies over federal buildings six days a year… like on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

South Dakota Senator John Thune is supporting a bipartisan bill to fly the flag every single day over buildings like the U.S. Capitol and local post offices.

"POW-MIA families veterans in this country and their families deserve to be recognized that way. All too often they get overlooked."

I spoke with a few authors who question the original intent of the flag and don't want to see it fly every day over places like the U.S. Capitol….

They say there are better ways to honor service members… like with a symbol of peace… or just simply with the American flag flying by itself.

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