Protesters rally against Trump in East Lansing

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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Nationwide protests against President Donald Trump's effort to undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation by firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

News 10's Cryss Walker went to the rally in East Lansing to find out what local protesters are demanding.

Protesters say the Trump-Russia probe might be compromised and details about the case is too important to undermine.

“Firing Sessions and appointing Whitaker, Trump is trying to end the investigation into his own potential wrong-doing and the wrong-doing of people in his campaign”, said David Shane.

Thursday night dozens lined the streets in Downtown East Lansing, joining other resistance groups across the country for the Nobody Is Above the Law Rally.

“He fired his attorney general, I very much suspect that this is in hopes of finding somebody who will fire Robert Mueller who's investigation, I feel very strongly, should go on”, said Leslie Lacy.

Organizers of the event accuse the President of being a threat to democracy as they demand Congress to further investigate.

“Whitaker has publicly stated that he wants to reduce the funding of the investigation. He's been critical of the investigation since it's began”, Shane explained during the rally.

Protesters told News 10 they want to see representatives in the House push for accountability and protect the integrity of the investigation.

“Too many people I think are complacent and do nothing and that's what allows things like this to go on, I mean if no one speaks up then that's us saying this is ok”, said Tristan Wells.

President Trump named Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General, and many are questioning whether he should be overseeing the Russia probe, given his past criticism of it as a conservative political commentator.