Prosecution gives powerful closing statement

Published: Jan. 24, 2018 at 6:40 PM EST
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Angela Provalitis started her statement off strong saying, "it takes some kind of sick perversion to not only assault a child but to do it with their parents in the room."

She also went on to say that it should not have taken discovering Nassar's possession of child pornography to bring all of this to light.

"It should not take 37,000 vile and disgusting images to believe these women and girls. It shouldn't take investigative journalist to expose predators. It should not take one brave woman put in the unenviable position and choice to go public with her name and be the only public person for months but thank god we had these journalists. Thank God Rachel Denhollander made that first contact with the reporter, " said Provalitis.

Provalitis then went on to say Nassar's sentencing hearing will now be viewed as the turning point in history on how our culture looks at sexual abuse.