Portfolio Days prepares students with mock interviews

HOLT, MI. (WILX) -- Interviewing for a job can be intimidating.

Holt High School hosts 24th Annual Portfolio Days. (Source WILX)

Holt High School's Portfolio Days are giving students a look at that real world experience by bringing the real world to them.

Portfolio Days allows juniors at Holt High School to interview with community members and help the students get more comfortable talking about themselves.

Junior Joseph Martinez said, "I'm really confident in my work and what I do in class so when expressing what I do it's kind of like accomplishments that I can explain to everybody."

The interviews are set up to help students even after crossing the stage at graduation.

Ryan Carter is a Community Interviewer. He said, "As far as interviews go, I don't think any institution, even colleges, do enough to prepare students to interact with other human beings."

Joe Ernst, Community Interviewer said, "Where do we learn those skills? I certainly don't have the benefit of that, I did it on the fly and probably stumbled quite a bit on my way to learning how to interview properly."

Davenport University is part of the day, offering interview workshops.

Lucas Schrauben, Director of Secondary Programs at Holt High School said, “It's really one of those efforts where you're looking around the room and you get that warm feeling because the students are doing the best that they can and they do a tremendous job with it."

And teachers are happy with the results.

Jessica Kauffold, an English teacher at Holt said, "They blew me away, they were so prepared, I had students coming in for the last week showing me, 'Miss Kauffold, Miss Kauffold, I'm going to put this in my portfolio, what do you think?"

One of Holt High School's goals is learning growth and they say that Portfolio Days ties right into that.

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