Pope suggests Lord's Prayer word change

**This image is for use with this specific article only** A high-ranking Vatican official has said he is pressing the Catholic Church to consider allowing married men to act as priests in a remote region of the Amazon.
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Pope francis is suggesting a change to, what many consider to be the best-known prayer in Christianity, "The Lord's Prayer."
The current wording says Father Jonathan Morris explained the Pope's suggestion in this way...
"What he's saying is not 'I want to change the words of Jesus.' Nobody can change the words of Jesus. Jesus existed. Jesus was an historical figure. He said the words of the 'Our Father' not in English, but in Aramaic. And the best translation we have of the 'Our Father' is the Greek, and then that Greek was translated into so many different languages. And those translations are very different. In English it says 'Lead us not into temptation.' But guess what - Jesus didn't speak English."
He's (Francis) saying that the translation isn't very good because God never makes us fall or never leads us into temptation. He actually allows us to be tempted. But we have to make a choice."

The Catholic church in France uses the phrase "do not let us fall into temptation."
Francis says that's a more appropriate translation.

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