Police warn about storing your credit card numbers

Published: Dec. 20, 2019 at 4:36 PM EST
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The big draw to online shopping is the convenience, and one of the ways to make it even easier is to keep your credit card number stored in an app or on the web.

But authorities are saying shoppers are taking a risk by doing that.

Online retailers like Amazon and E-bay offer to save your card number, address, and other information, which makes it that much easier to check out when you're done shopping.

However, that convenience can come with a cost -- an increased risk of fraudulent activity.

Cyber Security Expert Theresa Kent says that it seems obvious that storing your number on your phone could be dangerous, but people aren't taking the threat seriously because it's so easy to have the number available at your fingertips.

Theresa Kent, Customer Success Manager with Providence Consulting said, "I understand the convenience, but trust me, when you have your credit card stolen and you need to get all new bank information, update all of your websites, all of your auto pay, it's suddenly not convenient anymore."

If you still want to store your information Kent suggests setting up two or multi-factor authentication which provides an extra layer of protection.

"Everyone thinks they're invisible online but really you are most visible online. People online can find you easier and know more about you in a few clicks of a button than meeting someone on the street and shaking their hand," said Kent.

Kent is the Co-founder of Defeat the Breach, which gives advice on how to protect against cyber attacks.

State police recommend setting up alerts so you know as soon as your credit card is used.

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