Police want Michigan Youtuber to stop his "vigilante behavior"

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI (WILX) -- Confronting and stopping sexual predators may seem like a good thing to do, and that's just what one West Michigan man is doing.

But according to our affiliate station in Grand Rapids, Michigan State Police want this man to stop his vigilante activity.

"Got your keys. I will break your hand," Zack Sweer, Michigan YouTuber said in one of his videos.

It's incidents like this one that make law enforcement nervous.

The video was posted weeks ago, showing a confrontation with an alleged predator at a local Target that turned physical.

In another incident, the man had a gun.

"I know you have a gun, I do too," Sweer said.

Sweers and his videos have made the news before.

When he was first reported on in 2016, his videos led to seven convictions. He was told to stop then, but clearly he still hasn't gotten the message.

The police asked him why he continued to do this and he said, "Well, I think there is a fear that they won't be prosecuted," Sweer said.

The latest video was posted yesterday and Michigan's Attorney General Dana Nessel has comment on the situation.

"It actually hinders our ability to keep our kids safe and protect them from dangerous individuals,in fact well-meaning vigilantes not only endanger themselves, but their actions may result in important evidence being suppressed," Nessel said.

Sweers still doesn't seem to believe that his actions are harmful.

"I think the police don't like competition," Sweers said.

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