Police say one arrest made during Capitol protest

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 3:59 PM EDT
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Despite the lack of social distancing and people without masks, Michigan State Police say only one arrest was made during Wednesday's protest.

Police say the arrest was for disorderly conduct between two protesters.

No violations were issued for violations of the Governor's stay home order.

Thousands of people were gathered in downtown Lansing for the event. A number of police officers in cars, bicycles, and horses were there patroling but Michigan State Police say they could only do so much.

"We will take enforcement under extreme circumstances," said Lt. Brian Oleksyk. "If people are recklessly driving we will make those arrests. If we suspect they're under the influence of drugs or alcohol we will make those arrests. If people are becoming. Vandalized property becoming disorderly then we will make those arrests"

Lt. Oleksyk says despite what people may say on social media, it was a mostly peaceful protest without a lot of chaos.

"The Governor, as well as us, can only do so much and again we put our trust in our fellow citizens that they are going to voluntarily comply with her order and by doing this it's going to increase their health and the health of other people much better and then we can get through this pandemic."

The protest was set to start at noon, but people began showing up as early as 8 am. Police say if it gets to a point that is out of control, they will use their authority if necessary to shut it down.

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