Police, neighbors on lookout for tire slashers

Published: May. 19, 2019 at 4:32 PM EDT
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The Ingham County Sheriff's Office is looking for the people responsible for slashing holes in tires in Delhi Township on Saturday night.

Neighbors say they were both shocked and annoyed when they woke up to find their tires flat on Sunday morning.

"Just kind of surprised. It's not something you expect to find in the morning," Christopher Dudley said.

Dudley isn't the only person to have his tires slashed. Police say about a dozen others in the area reported the same thing. News 10 spoke with other neighbors who wanted to remain anonymous, one said she saw the group walk out of the woods near her house after her dog, Kaya started barking at them.

"I came to the window and there was a couple of girls standing down here and there was a girl in our driveway. But she stopped once I came to the window and joined the other girls and took off walking quickly," one neighbor said.

Down the road, another neighbor caught who they think is responsible on their home security camera. In it, you can see a group of people walk towards a truck and walk off. Police say they are looking for the individuals responsible, but aren't specifying male or female yet. Neighbors tell me they just want whoever is responsible to be held accountable.

"I'm extremely upset, I thought we were in a safe neighborhood and we've got kids coming through here...teenage girls...and they're slashing our tires?"

"I'm disappointed that it's happening here, I think, you know, we moved to Holt because we heard it was pretty safe--we came from the DeWitt area. But I'm not ignorant, I know crime happens everywhere but it's frustrating when it's your neighborhood, yeah."

If you have any information call the Ingham County Sheriffs Office at (517) 694-0045.

The Sheriff's Office is also encouraging people in the area to check their tires before they drive for safety reasons.

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