Police: Camp ax was used to murder Holt man

MASON, Mich. (WILX) - News 10 has obtained access to court documents that give new details into the murder of Ammar Al-Yasari in Holt. The documents include the information police used to get an arrest warrant for Jacob Ficher.

On Feb. 21, News 10 described how detectives zeroed in on Bdour Al-Yasari and Jacob Ficher as suspects in the murder of Ammar Al-Yasari.

In the latest court transcripts, we've learned what weapon was used, along with new details about the secret relationship between the two suspects.

According to detective William Lo of the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, Bdour Al-Yasari revealed to investigators she was having an affair during her first interview following her husband's murder.

At the time, she refused to identify who the relationship was with. However, police then confiscated her phone and discovered calls from Jacob Ficher. Around that same time, police also received multiple calls from unnamed sources, who detailed and confirmed their relationship.

One source described Ficher as "mentally unstable." Another source said he was in love with Bdour and would "do anything for her."

Witnesses reported seeing Ficher out to eat with his roommate, Levi Thompson. They told police they heard Ficher talking about committing a murder in Holt.

Police say they found evidence from the murder when they searched Ficher's home, including the receipt and packaging for a camp ax, which had been bought at a local Kroger. Police believe wounds from an ax like that are consistent with Ammar Al-Yasari's injuries.

Ficher's CATA bus card also ended up being major evidence. It shows he rode the No. 8 bus to Delhi Township near the Al-Yasari home on the day of the murder, at the same time a neighbor claimed to have seen a strange man go into the house.

These court transcripts also claim that Jacob Ficher has no alibi for the day Ammar Al-Yasari was killed. According to his boss, Ficher was a "no call, no show" that day, and never came in for work.

Ficher's roommate was detained and questioned. Though in these transcripts he claimed to have no knowledge of the murder, in later court documents, he admits to hearing Bdour Al-Yasari and Ficher talk about killing Ammar Al-Yasari. Thompson has not been charged in this case.

A preliminary hearing for the case against Bdour Al-Yasari and Jacob Ficher is scheduled for March 21.

Ammar Al-Yasari was found dead in his home on Glenberry Drive in Holt on Feb. 4.

Police arrested Ficher on Feb. 9 on open murder charges.

Bdour Al-Yasari was charged with open murder and conspiracy in the death of her husband on Feb 14.