Pit bull recovering after being beaten, stabbed and stuffed inside suitcase

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (WILX)- Police are searching for the person or people responsible for brutally attacking a dog and then stuffing the pit bull inside a suitcase.

Police rescued the dog now named Oliver after someone notified police there was a suitcase in the alley behind an abandoned building with a paw sticking out. When police arrived, they heard a howl coming from the luggage. They opened it up and found the male bully-breed terrier mix inside. He had severe cuts to his head and body.

“It’s an awful thing,” said Dr. Nicole Patterson, a vet who is treating Oliver or Ollie. “You think it’s disgusting that people are capable of doing such terrible things to animals, an innocent creature. Patterson says he was stabbed mulitple times and beaten. “He has pretty deep wounds on his chest and also on his head,” she said. Neighbors who live near the alley where Oliver was found are horrified. “How can you [do that to] an animal?” said one area resident.

Ollie underwent surgery on Tuesday afternoon to close up the wounds on his head. Vets said he will need a second one for his chest and maybe even a third surgery. Patterson said the injured dog faces a long road to recovery. “He did have some trauma to his lungs, so we’re keeping a close eye on his breathing,” she said. “We’re not sure what exactly happened, but the wounds look pretty clean and like somebody was trying to hurt him.”

Ollie continues his fight to survive but seems to sense, as dogs often do, that he’s in safe hands. “He’s happy. He’s still wagging his tail despite having all these terrible wounds,” said Patterson. “It breaks your heart, but I’m happy that we’re here to help him and hopefully get him feeling better.”

Grateful Paws Dog and Cat Rescue is currently looking for a foster home for Oliver. For more information, call 954-579-3753, email info@gratefulpaws.org or go to www.gratefulpaws.org.