Pieces of a Michigan icon going on the auction block

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You can now own a piece of the Mackinac Bridge.
A construction project going on right now is making that possible.
For the past few weeks bridge workers have been removing and replacing large pieces of grated metal that date back sixty years to when the bridge was built.
Up until about a year ago, the old grate was simply sent to a scrap yard.
But now you have the chance to buy pieces of the bridge at an auction.
According to Bob Sweeny the CEO of the Mackinac Bridge Authority: "People do have a lot of sentimental value of the Mackinac Bridge. It's a Michigan icon. So that when we advertise it, we advertise it as a vintage piece of the Mackinac Bridge, and that brings a lot of people's interest, and they do bid, I think, a little bit higher for something like this, because they want a piece of the bridge."
If you're interested in buying some, make sure you come prepared, they are auctioned off in forty foot pieces that weigh several tons.
Pieces of the bridge are not up sale right at this moment, but there will be an auction in a couple of weeks.

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