Pentagon says rescue teams were not slow to react to ambush of U.S. troops in Niger

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TAMPA, Fla. (AP) Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says the Islamic extremists that ambushed and killed U.S. Army commandoes in Niger last week hadn't operated in that area before.
Mattis is rejecting suggestions that rescue forces were slow to respond to the assault. But he says the U.S. military is reviewing whether changes should be made to these types of training missions in Africa.
U.S. officials have said they believe militants linked to the Islamic State group were responsible for the attack.
Three Army commandoes and a soldier were killed when dozens of militants ambushed them during a joint patrol with Niger troops. The U.S. troops were in unarmored trucks.
Mattis says armed French aircraft were overhead within 30 minutes. He did not say how long it took to evacuate the wounded.

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