Passengers can't smoke weed in car

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Just because marijuana is legal in Michigan doesn't mean you can smoke it anywhere you want.

Which means you shouldn't put too much stock in a local taxi company's ads.

It was brought to News 10's attention that viewers had questions about smoking weed in the back of a taxi or limo, or even just as a passenger

Police said even if you're not behind the wheel that is absolutely not allowed.

"If it's a taxi service, if it's limo service, it's a passenger vehicle, that's on the roadway in the state of Michigan. If the driver is not smoking and is cornered off by a window or a different compartment, there is not anybody inside that motor vehicle that is allowed to smoke marijuana," said Lt. Darren Green, Michigan State Police.

Police said there are consequences for a passenger or a driver. You could get arrested for operating while intoxicated. However, the law doesn't specifically state that you can't consume weed in other forms.