Parents warned to double check Halloween candy, nails, thumb tacks & razor blades found in candy

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Parents are urged to double check the stash of candy their kids collected while trick-or-treating Monday night. There have been numerous reports nationwide of items being found in candy.

In Coldwater, Michigan, a woman posted on Facebook that she found a thumb tack in a snickers bar. Heather Kay Williams says the tack was in her two year old daughter's stash of candy. Williams says the child's aunt was the one who ate the candy and bit into the tack. That wasn't the only case of candy tampering. A Fremont firefighter says he too found a nail and thumb tacks in trick-or-treat candy from Coldwater. The Fremont Fire Department posted a message on Facebook warning parents to double check candy.

A razor blaze was found inside a tootsie roll in Manistee County. The Sheriff's Office is trying to find out exactly where the child went trick-or-treating to locate the person who placed the blaze inside the candy.

In Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, a nail was found inside a green sour apple tootsie roll. Police are trying to find the person who did it. But police warn parents everywhere to throw out anything that looks suspicious, or has broken packaging.

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