Parents warned to be on the lookout for marijuana-laced candy this Halloween

(WPIX)- Children nationwide will hit the streets tomorrow night for trick-or-treating and police are warning parents to double-check any candy your child brings home.

Authorities in New Jersey are even warning about marijuana edibles, saying people could slip marijuana-laced candy into trick-or-treat bags. WPIX reported that the state attorney general's office published a document warning about a "significant presence of marijuana candy and other edible forms in New Jersey and nearby states."

"The presence of these edible forms of marijuana poses a great risk to users, especially to children, who may accidentally receive marijuana candy during Halloween," the warning said. Officials say marijuana candy and brand name candy often have similiar packaging, however the smell should stand out.

But there’s no evidence that marijuana-laced candy has ever been handed out on Halloween, and some are calling this a scare tactic. However, many parents say its better to be safe than sorry and plan to double and triple-check their children's candy.