Parents talk about pain of losing children to overdoses

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Addiction is a problem that affects people from a wide array of communities.

Losing a child to addiction can be heartbreaking for a parent.

Many parents aren't even aware that their child is having an addiction problem. Mike Hirst lost his son to an overdose and says that he was unaware his son was addicted.

"My son was using heroin in our house and I had no idea. Here's a young kid that never did anything wrong. He was always a really good kid, he never got in trouble. I think everybody's image in their mind of somebody using heroin is somebody laying on the ground, half asleep in a gutter. That's not it at all," said Hirst.

News 10's Rachael Schuit has the story from parents who have lost children to opioid overdoses. You can read the full story by following this link.