Parents talk about losing a child to an overdose

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(WILX) - Cheryl Bartynski lost her son, Brant, to an overdose in November 2016 and says that it's still painful.

"I just miss him so much. He was such a good dad and a good provider," said Bartynski.

She said she didn't even know her son had an addiction problem. Bartynski wishes she had known some of the signs of addiction.

She says her son's head would frequently drop.

"He told me that they had changed his anti-anxiety medicine and it was putting him to sleep. At the time I believed him," said Bartynski.

Mike Hirst lost his son Andy to an overdose in 2010 and says that he did not know his son was using drugs at first.

"Here's a young kid that never did anything wrong. He was always a really good kid. He never got in trouble. I think everybody's image of somebody using heroin is somebody laying on the ground, half asleep in a gutter. That's not it at all," said Hirst.

In addition to knowing the signs of addiction, Hirst says parents need to get prescription opioids out of their medicine cabinets.

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