Parents save money by shopping second-hand

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Just about every school that's not back in session already--will be on Monday or Tuesday and that means at least a few more parents will be doing last-minute back to school shopping.

According to a back to school survey by Coinstar, 45% of parents said they planned to spend between $100 to $300 on back to school supplies and less than 35% plan to spend $100 or less.

But if you're looking to save money, Goodwill can help. They get more than 3,000 items brought to their store on a daily basis including things you'll need for a classroom or life on campus.

"We have everything from dorm amenities to clothing. Some paper, pencils, things like that. Everything for the dorm," Mark Beters, senior vice president of donated goods and retail sales said.

The survey said 59% of parents say clothing is the largest anticipated back to school expense.

"A lot of our clothing is unit price. Kids clothes can be as low as $2. Adults: $4.50. Some of the other items we have, at least 50 to 70% off what new would be," Beters said.

They carry slightly used items as well as new items like socks, gloves, and underwear. According to the survey 69% of parents who shop without their kids actually stay on budget.

Goodwill is a non-profit so all of the money it takes in gets put back into its workforce development division, which helps employees with financial literacy and other things.

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