Parents pulling kids from Grass Lake Schools over transgender bathroom decision

Published: Aug. 24, 2017 at 6:23 PM EDT
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"My husband and I are taking action," explains Maureen Griffin, "we're not just going to talk about it, because we're not going to stand for this."

Griffin decided with her husband to pull their five-year-old daughter out of Grass Lake Schools earlier this week.

"My husband and I felt that it was just not the right fit for our daughter. We have no problem with transgender people but we do feel very uncomfortable with having children share the same bathroom of the opposite sex," Griffin says.

But Nathan Triplett of Equality Michigan says the school made the right decision by allowing the transgender student to use the bathroom that he identified with.

"Opinions are one thing and everyone's entitled to their opinion but when it comes to the district setting policy they need to set policy based on what's in the best interest of all students," Triplett says.

Some parents don't think the decision is in the best interest of all students, though, and that's why ones like Griffin are pulling their kids.

"For me it's really difficult to have her watching an older girl go into the boy's bathroom because she's very impressionable--she's five," says Griffin.

Triplett doesn't think people should have to stay in the district if they're uncomfortable, but he thinks the districts first priority is to look at what's best for the school as a whole.

"I'm not going to tell any parent what the right decision is to make for their own child's educational situation," he explains, "if there are parents that think that their child would be better educated elsewhere that's certainly their prerogative, but the district's priority has to be to provide a learning environment that is safe and secure for everyone, which is what they've done in this situation."