Parents, players want new Lacrosse coach at Holt

Published: Jun. 12, 2018 at 7:10 AM EDT
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Dozens of parents and students crowded a Holt High School board meeting on Monday night.

They were accusing a Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach having no experience in the game and belittling players.

Parents told News 10's Cryss Walker that Coach Stan Granger is bringing down the morale of the varsity team.

Parents said their kids are being verbally abused by the coach as well.

Parents also said that their kids have lost their passion for the sport and expressed their hate of going to games and practices.

Nine players took to the podium asking the school board to step in and remove Granger from his position.

Parents and players are saying that enough is enough.

David Michael Peterson, a lacrosse player on the team said, "Us as a team we want a new coach or we don't even want to play next year." He added, "We wanted to explain that it is a massive message and uh, all of us are behind this same idea and we want change, we want a new coach, we won't stand for it anymore."

Parents also agree that it's time for new leadership on Holt High School's lacrosse team.

Parent Debra O'brien said, "We don't know why Stan wants to continue with a sport he knows nothing about. He has no knowledge about, knows nothing about, and said he was thrown into this position when so many parents and players asked him to step down and he won't."

Heather Peterson is a teacher and a parent, "Not only does my son play but because I'm a teacher in the building, I hear kids all the time talk about it. They're in my classroom, they're in the hallways."

Heather Peterson says the players are starting to lose their love for the game and wants a more encouraging and experienced coach.

"There were 17 boys in my room. And nine here tonight at the board meeting. And almost all of them have basically said they want a new coach, many of them will not play next year and the Athletic Director will say well... That's too bad that's their loss."

Parents and players say Stan Granger is an experienced wrestling

coach but does not specialize in lacrosse.

They say Granger has now been the head coach for four years and its time for new and experienced leadership.

News 10 reached out to Holt Public Schools Superintendent Doctor

David Hornak but he was unavailable for comment due to the meeting.